Educational Consulting

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Improving student performance is critical to boosting your school rankings. Dr. Eileen Marzola has a notable track record for helping institutions such as NYC's Department of Education and The Board of Jewish Education advance their students' performance. Her path begins with analyzing existing test data to understand your students' strengths and weaknesses, then identifying the appropriate research-based strategies and programs to improve student performance.

Staff Development

Students Connecting

What do you do when your students struggle with learning? Dr. Marzola can provide your staff with the tools they need to elevate performance in their classes. She evaluates your unique challenges and creates customized presentations and workshops for teachers, administrators and support staff. Dr. Marzola's delivery of research-based strategies creates the confidence and expertise your staff needs.

Educational Therapist

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15-20% of the entire population, including the brightest students, suffer from slow or inaccurate reading, poor spelling, confusing similar words or other symptoms of dyslexia. Working one-on-one in a safe, supportive environment, Dr. Eileen Marzola has helped hundreds of children recognize their strengths and fulfill unmet potential. She begins with a combination of standardized and informal assessments to determine where to target instruction. Her approach includes Orton-Gillingham and other research-based practices for reading, writing and math.